associazione culturale

The PERCEZIONI cultural association promotes the psycho-physical well-being of the individual thanks to close contact with nature, art forms in general and the involvement of the senses. From spring to autumn in the magical setting of Bibiland on the hills of Polignano with a splendid sea view, thematic meetings are held between members in order to carry out the following activities:

Outdoor evening and night bonfires

Canoe and paddle outings


FBU (Universal White Brotherhood)


Food and Tastings

Drums and Music

Holistic Treatments



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Spontaneous and heartfelt donations contribute to keeping the location in good condition, favoring the beauty and therefore the psychophysical well-being of the guest. Thanks!

info +39.392.3326717  Jhon Bat


AC Percezioni, Via Angelo Bertolini 14 Sub 70125 Bari CF93503930724